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Trulli is extremely quick but he isn’t consistent and he isn’t a team leader. If he (Rosberg) doesn’t wish to renew, then we’ll consider alternatives, like Fernando. Clearly, no-one aside from Alonso can know if he’s truly delighted. He is not an easy person, Massa told Brazil’s UOL Esporte. If he joins Toyota he will be under no pressure, he will be racing with friends, and he will be taking home enough cash to run a small country. But if it is not possible, Alonso is the very first alternative. Fernando Alonso is already excited about the 2017 season.

Without doubt there are frustrations. There are not any regrets, he explained. So there’s always such feelings, which is probably superior than every other trophy I have in home or some other championship that maybe other individuals have. Being part of new-look McLaren-Honda is an excellent prospect for each of us, and I’m very happy to have been invited to do my bit. I am certain that we’ll do the job extremely well together. I don’t understand what he would do. I would like to win everything l wish to do in everyday living.

On the surface, the outcomes are encouraging, maybe mind-blowing. We’re all demotivated, but I still can’t understand why everybody doesn’t appreciate that you aren’t likely to win the world championship when you have another string engine, it’s simply not going to occur. We have to see whether there’s a steering issue. Nonetheless, it’s not merely a one-year fix.

Rapid improvement when it comes to engine performance is simply not achievable (this season), it requires time,” Dennis explained. Progress, we’re told, is being made. The very first issue is to produce progress. And there’s clear progress. I truly believe in the undertaking, I see progress, we’re moving forward. He knew the undertaking would be hard to begin with because it is extremely young. He was among the men and women who persuaded me to join the undertaking.

Ferrari isn’t an alternative. Honda is devoted to speeding up the maturation of the power unit depending on the learnings of the current Abu Dhabi test. However, the engine was plagued with problems at each race this year.

The cars aren’t as bad since they were in Australia, but they continue to be among the also-rans. I believe right now we’re doing our very best to enhance the car but we don’t have enough engine power and that’s what we’re working on. To win now, you have to have the ideal car. We only want to keep improving the vehicle and the engine, and whenever possible, maybe next calendar year, have a competitive vehicle. He’s got a fantastic auto, so he must start favourite. He’s often thought of as a pay driver, someone hired primarily on account of the money he can bring to a team, and that’s not always regarded as a great thing. He is among the very best racing drivers on earth, an asset to any team.

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A choice isn’t now expected until next calendar year. Should they finish second, it is an exact decent choice. But that’s exactly what has happened. That’s the reason he is the very best. I’m sure he thought it turned out to be a great idea at the moment; point.” There are lots of different folks whom I want to take this chance to thank too many to list in fact. There are those who are rather talented who haven’t had the opportunity.

Everything was multiplied to create sure we are strong at the start of next season.” It’s been a complicated year. We’ll know for certain in about ten days time. It’s the ideal place on the planet.

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